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  • Asphalt Pavement Protection for Rutherford & Davidson Counties

    Seal Coating

    When it comes to maintaining your asphalt pavement, there is no one else to call but your local Paving and Pouring Pros of Smyrna, Tennessee. We have a team of professional and experienced contractors that know and understand the best way to keep your asphalt pavement beautiful and holding up strong for years to come!

    Our Paving Pros know the secrets to keeping asphalt pavement in good condition and the best and most efficient way to keep it looking great and minimize cracks and stretches is Sealcoating.

    Asphalt sealants function as the protective barrier between the asphalt and the elements outside. The process of seal coating will minimize water penetration in your residential or commercial driveways and parking lots. Our goal is to reduce moisture infiltration because it helps to mitigate cracks that are caused by the natural expansion and contraction of the asphalt pavement. Sealcoating also guards against other irritants such as salts used during icy weather, the sun's harsh UV rays, oils, anti-freeze, and even gas from our vehicles. Our team of professional paving contractors has many years of experience with paving and maintenance, and they know how important it is to protect your asphalt from these harsh elements. When you do now have protection from the sun and the other chemicals, your pavement will begin to show structural breakdown but using a sealant will slow this process down tremendously. This will add years to the life of your asphalt pavement. Sealants will also fill surface imperfections and help prevent oxidation which is the fading of asphalt pavement. There is nothing better than a fresh, jet-black surface to bring your pavement back to life and increase the curb appeal of your residential or commercial space. Not only is it aesthetically appealing but it also ensures the safety of your family, friends, and customers. Reach out to our team of professionals for a free estimate or any questions that you may have about our seal coating process.