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  • Potholes, What causes Them? 

    All you Need to Know About Potholes In Middle, TN

    Residential and Commercial Asphalt Driveways and Parking Lots in Smyrna, TN


    One of the most common types of damage that are caused to asphalt roads is the ugly and unbelievable potholes. They can do more than just look unattractive, they can damage your vehicles. Potholes once formed may spread resulting in substantive damage that could result in resurfacing or even replacement. Therefore, it is so important that if you have an asphalt driveway leading to your residential, commercial, or industrial property that you understand what causes potholes and know how to keep them from spreading throughout your asphalt surface.  

    When moisture percolates into the ground that is below your asphalt driveway, parking lot, or road a pothole can easily form. When the moisture expands and contracts as the temperature increases or decreases it will cause the asphalt to fall and rise. If a vehicle drives over this area it will while this is happening it will cause the cavity beneath the surface to begin to crumble and this will result in your asphalt having a pothole. If the area is not properly attended to, the pothole will spread and cause even more damage.  

    Repairing your Rutherford County Asphalt is essential for preventing the spread of existing potholes and in order to decrease the probability of the pothole forming initially it is wise to work with an experienced asphalt contractor.  


    Prevention is so much better than repair:  


    Here are a few suggestions that may save you from riding down a bumpy road: 


    Cracks may begin to show in your asphalt over time. When you being to notice cracks forming, even small ones, this is nothing that should be ignored. Moisture can seep into the smallest of cracks and begin to penetrate the ground below your asphalt pavement. This will eventually cause potholes and could also lead to further damage. Treating the small cracks is an easy way to prevent the worst from happening to your asphalt pavement.  

    In order to keep moisture at bay, there is an alight and slow-setting asphalt emulsion designed just for this purpose. A fog seal application is one of the best ways to increase your asphalt's existence and ensure that you will be keeping moisture away from the ground below your asphalt parking lot, driveway, or road.   

    Another way to treat your asphalt surface and clearly one of the best ways especially if your asphalt is older and needs to be smoothed out is a chip seal treatment. AChip seal is a thin layer of asphalt with a layer of fine aggregate. It will prevent cracks from accruing and will make your asphalt look gorgeous again and there is nothing better than the beauty of black asphalt pavement leading you to home or work.  

    The final treatment that you should be aware of is called micro-surfacing. This is a fine crushed stone and a thin layer of asphalt emulsion. The treatment is fast and very cost-effective rather than a full resurfacing endeavor. This will provide you with an asphalt surface that will not only meet your needs but also keep your investment looking great for years to come.  

    Here at Paving and Pouring Pros, we believe that if our customers have knowledge about their pavement, it will be best for you, your Rutherford County or Davidson County area, and the safety of the communities. We specialize in helping with not only your commercial and industrial properties but also your residential property. No matter what you need when it comes to asphalt, we have got you covered.  

    Asphalt Repair, Asphalt Maintenance, Drivewayresurfacing, parking lot paving and so much more. Our Professional team atPaving and Pouring Pros have the experience needed to provide you with the highest asphalt pavement experience.